Our Expertise

Etobicoke Surgical Partners is the local group practice of 6 General Surgeons from the Etobicoke General Hospital and members of William Osler Health System. We have joined forces to better serve the Etobicoke community and surrounding areas!

Our Services Include:



• Colonoscopy screening 1

• Colonoscopy for positive FIT & FOBT 2

Oncoplastic Breast Cancer Surgery 3

With Rapid Diagnostic and Breast Cancer Support Clinic 4

Colorectal Surgery

• Minimally invasive colon and rectal cancer surgery

• TaTME5 rectal cancer surgery

Hernia Surgery

• e-TEP6, laparoscopic, and open inguinal and ventral hernia surgery

• Complex abdominal wall reconstructive surgery

• Pediatric hernia surgery for children older than 12 months old

Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery 7

• Gastric cancer

• Paraesophageal hernias and achalasia surgery

• Solid organ surgery: spleen and adrenal gland

Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery

Surgical management of thyroid and parathyroid diseases

We offer an urgent referral system to ensure timely access to care for all patients. We guarantee that the next available surgeon will see you or your patient within a week. Just have your family physician make a referral.

1 Ontario Colonoscopy Clinic
Etobicoke Surgical Partners established the Ontario Colonoscopy Clinics (OCC) in 1997 to provide a timely and quality colon cancer screening service to the community. So far, OCC has performed over 30,000 colonoscopy screenings for patients. This service is now provided in the Etobicoke Surgical Partners facilities adjacent to the William Osler Hospital. In addition to timely screening, the Ontario Colonoscopy Clinics provides rapid access to diagnostic endoscopy. We can easily accommodate direct referrals for low acuity patients who need investigation of rectal bleeding, workup of anemia, FOBT OR FIT positive patients, or patients with a change in bowel habits.

2 Fecal Immunohistochemical Testing (FIT) Endoscopy Program
Etobicoke General Hospital will be offering urgent colonoscopy screening for the newest colon cancer screening offered by Cancer Care Ontario: Fecal Immunohistochemical Testing (FIT), as well as for positive Fecal Occult Blood Testing (FOBT). Patients will have urgent access for rapid diagnosis and treatment of their colorectal cancers, and advanced endoscopy to remove precancerous polyps.

3 Oncoplastics
Surgeons at Etobicoke Surgical Partners are trained in the latest techniques of breast cancer surgery. Oncoplastic techniques combined with plastic surgery services provide patients with the best results from an oncologic surgery perspective with the optimal cosmetic result after both surgery and radiation therapy.

4 Rapid Diagnostic Breast Clinic
Did you know that Etobicoke General Hospital has the fastest time to diagnose and treat breast cancer in Ontario for 2017? Patients now have access to a new innovative multidisciplinary Rapid Diagnostic and Breast Support Clinic. It improves the delivery of cancer care at William Osler by reducing wait times for all diagnostics and treatments. We aim to improve the overall patient experience by facilitating a more streamlined care Pathway to patients screened at William Osler. The multidisciplinary team will consist of clinicians from the surgery, oncology, diagnostic imaging and pathology teams, as well as a Nurse Navigator, to help guide patients through the clinic and facilitate treatment plans. We will also provide patients with predictable wait times for oncology referrals to other treatment options across the health care system. The clinic is operated in partnership with Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), and is the first program of this kind in Ontario.

5 Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision
This is a novel, and the most advanced way, to deal with difficult rectal cancers. William Osler cancer surgeons are early adopters of this technique. We are pleased to be one of the few centres across Canada to offer this option to our patients.

6 Enhanced-view Totally Extraperitoneal
e-TEP Hernia Surgery is a novel hernia technique that avoids entering the abdomen and keeps mesh away from the vital organs inside. It also provides the most robust hernia repair. Etobicoke General Hospital is a leader in the technique across the province.

7 Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery
Etobicoke Surgical Partners provide the community with the most advanced laparoscopic skills available. William Osler Hospital has recently established a Laparoscopic Transanal Rectal cancer program that offers the optimum oncologic resection of traditionally low and difficult rectal cancer surgery. Additionally, surgeons at our clinic are pioneers of the newest techniques of hernia surgery, e-TEP (totally extraperitoneal) hernia surgery in Canada.